Student Testimonials

Class of 2017's Advice for the Incoming 2018 Class.
Class of 2018's Advice for the Incoming 2019 Class.

Class of 2016

"I cannot be any more grateful for my ATI experience and everything you all have taught us.  I look forward to what lies ahead and every new experience and patient encounter."

“I cannot thank you all enough for the valuable program that you teach and the opportunities! I had a wonderful experience and always look forward to hearing from the ATI faculty!”

“I couldn’t thank you enough for providing me with such a great foundation and launching pad!!!”

“I cannot thank you enough for all of the opportunities you have given me. Your mentorship helped me develop my skills and mind set into the man I hoped to be.”

“I wanted to thank you for an incredible 8 months here at ATI. Coming here has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The amount of confidence this program has given me is unbelievable.”

“ATI has been the most amazing program I’ve ever been a part of…I will miss ATI so much. This school has changed my life in the best way possible and I am so grateful that you put so much time and effort into helping us succeed and achieve our goals.”

“Words cannot thank you enough for believing in me and giving me a chance at ATI. I had an amazing experience, and I will be forever grateful for ATI. Thanks for making ATI an awesome environment!”

“I cannot express in words how thankful I am for everything ATI has done for me. It has been one of the best experiences of my life!”

“This has been the most phenomenal and life changing experience – I struggle to find the words to fully express my gratitude and the impact you’ve had on my life. You’ve provided all the tools possible to give us the ATI advantage!”

“You have truly created something great ere at ATI. This program was the best life choice I have made and I can’t thank you enough.”

“I built relationships that will last a lifetime…It was a true honor to be able to spend 6 months learning under you and the amazing staff your compiled.”

“This truly has been the best experience!”

ATI has certainly changed my life! I have been so blessed by ATI and you have taught me so much.”

“You have taught me so much and I am truly honored to have been one of your students. ATI has given me so many opportunities and for that I am truly grateful.”

“I came to ATI in hopes of finding a career, but what I did not know is that I would find an extended family!”

“I am so grateful for your advice, love and mentorship. ATI is definitely the best decision I have ever made and while I am excited for what the future holds, no part of me wants to leave ATI and the wonderful teachers I have.” “What a wonderful 6 months! These have been some of the best months of my life. Thank you for teaching me, guiding me, believing in me, pushing me, and caring for me as you do for your own children. ATI is an incredible place – a place where I feel safe and loved, where I am able to walk into your office and chat whenever I want, and a place I will always have a special spot for in my heart. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to me!”

“I have learned so much and have made some great friends along the way.”

“I’ve never had such a positive experience with school where the teachers want you to succeed and put in so many extra hours to make your dreams com true.”

“Without ATI, I honestly don’t know where I would be, and I thank God everyday that he put me on this journey.”


"I found Mark, Jim, and Kimber to be knowledgeable and patient teachers. Any questions from the student body were entertained and answered to the fullest extent possible. The Hands-on lab experience was invaluable to myself. I learned tips and tricks that I expect to use often in my clinic.

Becky (CRM)

"Thanks to all of you for making my experience at ATI’s jumpstart course a memorable one. From my first phone call to Denise to my bitter sweet last day of class. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable.

ATI Jumpstart

"I used many materials to prep for the IBHRE®, but ATI’s was the most comprehensive by far. If I had to pick just one book to study, ATI’s would be it!

Tristan Pendergras, IBHRE, CCDS, CEPS

"ATI is an unparalleled stepping stone into the world of CRM, providing didactic and practical hands-on training. Attending ATI was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. In my time there, I was able to discover the true depth of the pacing industry-from both technical and patient care perspectives. I was provided with excellent networking resources and a true extended family all over the United States. ATI is definitely more than just a “training” institution. It is a comprehensive and life-changing experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking a position in this field.

Sabrina Vinterfield, Field Clinical Specialist, Biotronik

"ATI provided me the invaluable opportunity to gain the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for a successful career in the competitive cardiac device industry. The small class sizes and excellent teaching helped me not only pass the NASPE exam, but also build a nation-wide network of colleagues in the industry. Additionally, I feel that ATI allowed me to hit the ground running with my new job, contribute immediately to the sales process, and physician groups in their management of their patients, and most importantly, provide patients with quality service and care.

Bill A. Mckee, Sales Representative, Medtronic

"Attending ATI was the best career decision I have made. ATI provided the best opportunity to set myself up for success in the CRM Industry.

Steve Johnson, Regional Manager, Boston Scientific CRM

"I am proud of the fact that I can claim the honor of being a graduate of ATI. Although U had no prior clinical knowledge, the school, through the instruction of Mark, Jim, and Rick gave me the tools I needed to become an effective member of the CRM community. Prior to the school, CRM representatives were usually selected from “Drug Rep”, Nursing, or clinic backgrounds. I was blessed with the unique distinction of being the first student hired directly to industry. As I travel throughout the country in my current position, I am constantly amazed to meet ATI graduates in almost every city I have worked in.

Jim Brubaker, Field Clinical Engineer, Impulse Dynamics

"It is extremely important to include practical hands on field experiences during the training. All the didactic class room studies begin to come together as students apply their new knowledge in real clinical settings. My goal is to provide experiences for the student to “be the rep” and take the lead as much as possible allowing them to feel the role and challenge their new skills helping them discover new things to learn during live scenarios.

Rick Lewis, Sales Representative, Medtronic

"I can simply say what I tell most people who ask me about ATI. I usually say, “ATI was more that a pacemaker school experience, it was a LIFE experience for me and my family.” The knowledge I received at ATI from both the classroom and clinical experiences has given me a tremendous advantage at jumpstarting my career with Medtronic.

Todd Watson, Clinical Specialist, Medtronic

"ATI not only taught me the technical aspect of pacing, but taught me how to treat the patient and not just the device. I now have a well-rounded knowledge of the cardiac field. I enjoy working in a clinical role because I get to treat patients on a daily basis, which I never dreamed I would be able to do with my engineering degree. ATI gave me the opportunity for a unique role in the medical community, where I can truly make a difference in people’s lives every day.

Megan Fruchte, BSBE, Technologist/EP Lab Tech @ Indiana Heart and Vascular

"ATI gave me the opportunity to pursue and attain my goal to enter the CRM industry. The training and coaching provided was first class. I hold the teachers at ATI in the highest regard and value their friendship. Overall it was a great experience and a life changing event in my career.

Mike Crouch, San Antonio District Manager

"Every single day I wake up and think back to the wonderful experience I had at ATI and to all the doors it has opened for my career and life. So, thank you for allowing me that opportunity almost two years ago now!

Christopher Thompson, ATI Grad Class of 2016