CIED Clinic Workflow & Operations

Course Description & Outline

This program is designed to assist device clinicians and allied health professionals with a better understanding of organizing the device clinic, integrating remote device checks and alerts into the clinic schedule, proper coding and documentation requirements to assure payment, preparing for audits, EMR integration, and overall clinic workflow including patient education, handling device recalls, and designating workload.

The Evolution of Health Care: Integrating remote monitoring into the device clinic while optimizing billing, documentation, and overall patient outcomes.


  • Introduction
    • Benefits of Remote Monitoring
    • Early identification of potential issues
    • Convenience and appropriate triage of patient care
    • Efficient, Effective, Clinical and Economic Value
    • Improves Patient Compliance
  • Changes in healthcare and the impact on the device clinic
    • Change in philosophy and standard of care
    • How does the threat of lawsuits and/or potential audits change the documentation process?
    • Doing more with less-how to streamline processes and manage workflow
  • Workflow Efficiencies: Ideas for successfully integrating remote monitoring into your Clinic
    • Initial Set-up/Enrolling Patients/Individualizing alerts
    • Scheduling
    • Things to Consider: When/How normal transmissions and alert transmissions occur, Pairing devices, RF vs. Wanded remote (How often can you bill? How long do you have to wait to schedule an automatic RF transmission? Do you have to notify patient every time you pull a remote transmission and how do you document?)
    • Managing/documenting Alerts
    • HF monitoring
    • EHR integration/ Patient management using PaceArt, ScottCare, or other device management platforms
    • Billing and Coding
  • Workflow: Doing More With Less: 
    • How to optimize clinic workflow, provide appropriate triage of patients, and improve clinicians’ technical comprehension of device algorithms and troubleshooting
    • How to determine staffing requirements for patient population, increase clinic volumes and productivity to provide better patient care and generate additional revenue
    • How to coordinate workflow between device clinic and billing department to assure appropriate billing, capture lost revenue, and assure payment in the event of audit
    • Ways to implement current HRS guidelines and documentation requirements (i.e. remote agreements, patient care instructions and other forms and documents) to assure success during Medicare Audits and/or Joint Commission Review.
    • Assist clinicians in developing process to identify patients that are at high risk, require additional clinical care and/or testing and clinical procedures.
    • Solutions for Physicians, Clinical Staff and Administration to increase productivity, provide optimal patient care and generate and growth in the device clinic and overall patient practice
  • The Impact of the Device Clinic on the overall Cardiology Practice
    • Understanding how the device clinic can impact the overall cardiology practice and trigger patient visits, tests, and procedures.
      • Revenue Impact as well as impact on patient satisfaction and care
      • Providing documentation of patient outcomes triggered by the device clinic

Guest Instructor

Mary Stine, CCDS

Mary Stine, CCDS

President/Owner - Cardiac Solutions, Inc.

Mary Stine, CCDS is the President and Owner of Cardiac Solutions, Inc. She is a graduate of ATI and has over 20 years experience in cardiac rhythm management. She is currently the device clinic manager of a large cardiology practice in NC that follows over 3200 patients. Her clinic was featured as one of three clinics in the country for its approach to remote monitoring and patient care in the EP Lab Digest. She travels all over the country assisting cardiology practices and hospitals in streamlining their approach to device follow up, billing and documentation.

Upcoming Sessions:

April 25-26, 2020
June 6-7, 2020
October 3-4, 2020