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James Holland, MS, CCDS

James Holland, MS, CCDS

President & CEO

Kimber Walters, RN, BSN, CCDS, MBA

Kimber Walters, RN, BSN, CCDS, MBA

Vice President & COO

Sarah Fritzsche, CCDS

Sarah Fritzsche, CCDS

CRM Specialist

Steph Jasa

Steph Jasa

RCIS, RCES, IBHRE – CEPS, MA, MHA - Guest Lecturer

Stephanie brings nearly 20 years of experience in Cardiology, beginning her career with a BS in Exercise Science & Physiology and working in the Cath Lab. With eight year of experience with Johnson & Johnson, she led the education & training for the later six years, receiving the Standards of Leadership Award for the transformation of training & education at BWI. Stephanie now leads a consulting team focused on the expanding training needs for Cardiology & specialty services. She holds masters degrees in Organizational Management & Healthcare Administration.

Joe Giron

Joe Giron

RN, RT, RCIS, RCES, CEPS, FSICP - Guest Lecturer

Joe has worked with some of the best health systems, universities, companies and medical centers in the country. Earning a degree in medical radiography (RT) in the late 1990's, he began working in Cardiac Cath labs to start his professional career.
In the mid-2000’s he earned a degree in Nursing (RN), & cardiovascular & EP credentials. In 2004, Joe founded a regional staffing & consulting business that specialized in cardiovascular services, where he merged & operated his businesses into franchise agreements with national companies. In 2010, he co-founded one of the 1st formal EP academic training programs at Loma Linda University, where he served as clinical coordinator & adjunct teaching faculty. Joe now works with an ‘education-technology’ company & collaborates with healthcare professionals to create novel blends of solutions that intersect education & technology.

Class times: 
8:30am - 4:00pm CST

Course Location:

Upcoming Classes:
November 1 - 4, 2021





Tuition Cost: Course registration $900 (includes interactive study guide and online modules)
Additional resource for course:  EP Getting Started (https://atischool.org/shop/ep-getting-started-new-release/)
CEU's available for this course: 28.5 hours
This program was designed by a Certified Virtual Training Facilitator and Designer, so this will not be a boring series of powerpoint presentations delivered on a webinar (Yawn!) – We have created an interactive learning experience where you will have a chance to actively participate in the lessons through the tools offered in the virtual classroom.
Benefits of learning in the Virtual Classroom:
1. Increased Participation & Engagement
2. Immediate Feedback
3. Improved Retention
4. You get to sit in your favorite chair!

EP for the Allied Health Professional is a VIRTUAL 4-day program that will give Allied Professionals the fundamentals and foundational concept of Electrophysiology.

The course will include the following content: 

The Cardiac Anatomy in EP, Conduction System & Action Potentials, EGM Interpretation, Tachycardia Mechanisms, Pacing Maneuvers, Mechanisms of Arrhythmias, Biophysics of Ablation, Implanted Device Concepts, and 3D Mapping Concepts and Techniques. Biosense Webster and Abbott will conduct training on their mapping systems as well as review case studies.

This program is geared toward anyone who would like to gain knowledge in the EP space.

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Course Agenda:

Day 1- Laying the Foundation
8:30-9:30       Welcome & Introductions
9:30-10:30     Anatomy
10:30-11:30  Cardiac Conduction System &
Action Potential
11:30-1:00     Lunch
1:00-2:00       Action Potentials
2:00-3:00       ECGs & Arrhythmia Recognition
3:00-4:00       Intro to EP Diagnostic

Day 2 - EP Basics
8:30-9:30       Intro to EGMs
9:30-10:30     Baseline Measurements
10:30-11:30   Diagnostic Stimulation Protocols
11:30-1:00     Lunch
1:00-2:30       EGM Measurements Practice
2:30-4:00       Biophysics of Ablation

Day 3 - Rhythms
8:30-10:00     Atrial Fibrillation
10:00-11:30  Tachycardia Mechanisms
11:30-1:00    Lunch
1:00-2:00      Focal Tachycardias
2:00-3:00      Reentrant Tachycardias
3:00-4:00      Ischemic VT

Day 4
8:30-10:30    Device Implants
10:30-11:30  Intro to Mapping Principles
11:30-1:00    Lunch
1:00 -2:30     CARTO®3 Mapping System
Review and Connectology
2:30-4:00     Abbott EnSite Precision™
Mapping System Review and
Review & Close

NOTE: All times are CST
(Schedule subject to change)