Claude Eldaye (Class of '95), Mark, Nick Davies (Summer '03), Jeff Molton (Class of '95)






Mark with Dr. Warren Hawthorne (1st President HRS), Suzie Song (2018 Distinguished Service Award Winner), George VanHare (Most Recent Past President of HRS)











Mark with Roger Winkle, EP who implanted first human ICD in 1980









Mark, Jim Brubaker (Class of '91), Marleen Irwin and Suzie Song








Tami Kimball (Class of '97) with Mark










Tristan Pendergrass (Current Faculty), Shand Owens (Class of '18) and Mark








Kelly Sweesy (Faculty 2009-10) and Mark











Tyler Rose (Class of '07), Ryan Hayes (Class of '08) and Tristan








Mark Mayotte, FCE and Sarah Cornell (Class of 2000)








Mark with Dr. Hawthorne and Suzie Song