CRM Jumpstart

Online Tuition:
Unlimited access to 40 hours of recorded lectures and assessments for three months from date of purchase

Online/In-Person Tuition:
$ 3,200
Unlimited access to 40 hours of recorded lectures and assessments followed by 5 days of in-person, hands on training.
February 5-9, 2024
April 15-19, 2024

Course Descriptions

Over the past thirty years, ATI has been a go-to resource for education in the cardiac rhythm management space.  The Jumpstart program originally began as an exclusively in-person course, but is now offered as either an online course or an in-person course.

Online Jumpstart Course:
Students who opt to enroll in the Online Jumpstart course will have:
– 40+ hours of online learning modules
– Lectures
– Assessments
– Programmer tutorials and demos
– Activities and supplemental resources
Online Jumpstart Syllabus

In-Person Jumpstart Course:

In addition to receiving our online Jumpstart Course, students will attend one of our quarterly, week-long in-person sessions at ATI’s home office in Greenville, SC.

This features:
– 30 programmers representing all four device companies
– Simulated patient case studies
– A wide variety of pacemakers, ICD’s and CRT devices to practice nearly every aspect of follow-up
– Opportunities to practice sensing and threshold tests
– A multitude of troubleshooting scenarios
– Lectures on upper rate behavior, PMT, stored EGM analysis and more

The hands-on practice available in this in-person course is highly recommended for the aspiring cardiac device clinician.

This course does not qualify for CME/CEU credits.

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