Founder and Professor Emeritus

ATI announces the retirement of legendary Founder, President, and Director of Education, Mark Sweesy, FHRS, CCDS, CEPS, RCES.

From the school’s beginning in 1987 in Bradenton, FL as the Pacemaker Systems Technology School, through the relocation to Greenville, SC and rebranding as Arrhythmia Technologies Institute in 1997, Mark functioned as the school’s President and Educational Director for 33 years until his retirement in April 2020.

Mark has always been very quick to brag about the success of ATI (credited to God’s blessing) and also of the accomplishments of his three children. Always humble, he requested this announcement to be about the school and not his own storied career.

Fulfilling such a request would be remiss for such a momentous occasion. In loving defiance, we must mention that the briefest of summaries of his CV will note that Mark wrote many books, authored more than 100 publications, served on several HRS and NASPE leadership committees, presented at countless national and international scientific meetings, and was recently bestowed the moniker of “The Godfather of Pacing”. The achievements he valued most would be: first, his children and his wife Cece; followed by, the meaningful and lasting relationships with all those his path crossed.

The number of those he taught are in the thousands, but the number of patients’ lives he impacted are undoubtedly in the millions. The legacy Mark leaves ATI is one of excellence and passion in educating clinicians for the improvement of patient care.

For 33 years, ATI has been the leading training program both for students entering the cardiac and EP fields and also for new or experienced allied professionals. ATI will continue fulfilling its mission under Jim Holland’s leadership as President and CEO.

All of ATI wish Mark a rewarding retirement, and we already look forward to his future visits. Although Mark’s presence at ATI will be less often, his impact (and his jokes) will continue forever.

If you wish to send Mark a note to be included in a career celebration at a future date, please leave a comment below.


  1. Mark Sweesy is a great man, and I’m so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross. During the 5 years that I worked under Mark’s leadership, he was a great example of a caring, compassionate and patient boss. I was privileged to see first hand his genuine love for this industry and for all those who have come through the school. I am honored that he chose me to be a part of the ATI family. Congratulations on your retirement, Mark! I wish you all the best!

  2. Congratulations Mark!! I loved taking care of your children back in the late 80’s. Happy retirement.
    Lisa Spahr Gragg Pause

  3. Mark I wish you the very best! I can not thank you enough for everything. You are an inspiration to all! I will never forget your amazing dad jokes. I’m proud to say I attended ATI and was taught by you! Good luck on your future and I hope you have super fun trips filled with fishing, boating, and family fun. Thanks again for being awesome! Love Frozen

  4. Mark,

    Thank you for creating such a family-oriented, supportive institution. ATI provides more than education; ATI gives its students a forever family. None of this would be possible without your guidance and leadership. Wishing you a wonderfully happy retirement!


    Veronika Wilhelm

  5. Mark,
    You will be missed! Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and leader. I was blessed to be one of your ATI graduates, and I’m blessed to still be working in the field. God is good, and you are deserving of a long and enjoyable retirement. Let me know when it’s time to slay the elusive pin fish!!!
    All the best,
    Kevin Alt

  6. Congratulation Mark! I hope your retirement is filled with plenty of fishing and dad jokes. Thank you for your endless encouragement and kind words. ATI and it’s faculty undoubtedly changed the course of my life and I will be forever grateful to you. You deserve all the blessings. Much love.

  7. Mark,

    You changed my life at the age of 45 yo…Let me live in your basement while in ATI. I’m blessed to have had you there to help me when needed. I’ve tried every day to make you proud since then…I’m happy for you and your retirement! You have earned it my friend…God bless!

  8. Mark,

    Well deserved. I made a career out of pacing thanks to you, and now my daughter is following my footsteps because of you as well. Always enjoyed our early years with the early crew. Enjoy my friend and stay in touch.

  9. Congratulations Mark. I am so very proud to be an ATI grad and to have studied under your leadership. Best of luck to you! Hope you get to spend some more time on the water fishing 👍🏼

  10. Mark, you gave me a great opportunity by accepting me into ATI. I always enjoyed your wisdom and insight into the industry, as well as your dry humor (how to catch a unique rabbit…). God willing I’ll see you in Florida in @ 4 years when I retire!



  11. Congratulations on your retirement, Mark! You’ve been a blessing in the lives of so many students. It was not only an education you provided, but fun as well (no farewell comment would be complete without a nod to the classic dad jokes!), and also the genuine compassion you have for all.

    I wish y’all every happiness and look forward to seeing how you’re doing on FB. Thanks for everything and happy retirement, Mark!

  12. Best of luck Mark!!! You have put so much into ATI and I will always be thankful for the knowledge you shared.

  13. Mark, I may have forgotten what timing cycles are, but I will never forget your encouraging words, our lunch time round table talks, your “dad” jokes, or just how much you truly care about each & every one of your students. Your kindness, faith, and wisdom has impacted so many people. Cheers to a new chapter in your life!

  14. Mark,

    Congratulations on your retirement!
    I wish I had had the pleasure of being lead and taught by you.

    Thank you for founding ATI and creating this incredible opportunity for myself and so many others.


    Ann Mikell Stewart ATI ’21

  15. Mark – I am so thankful that I got to be a part of your last class at ATI – after 3 decades of influencing students! I will never forget your life lessons and daily jokes and smiles. I appreciate you more than you know and I will never forget the opportunity you gave me to succeed in this career! You are such a special person and I will enjoy keeping in touch in the future.

  16. Congrats on your retirement Mark! The instruction at has ATI changed the course of our lives and allowed us to have fulfilling life long careers. Gregg and I both look back on our time at the school with very fond memories. We wish you nothing but the best. Enjoy! So glad we were able to run into each other a few years ago at HRS.

  17. For the man who has been my best friend for seven years and the love of my life, Happy Retirement Mark Sweesy. This past couple of months has been a blessed extra time together. I couldn’t be happier.
    You have been successful all your life because of your hard work, dedication, passion and love that you gave to your students.
    I am so proud of you my dear husband; “The Godfather of Pacing” will be remembered at ATI for ever 🙏❤️

  18. Mark-
    All the best to you and your family.

  19. Mark,

    Congratulations on your retirement! I am so happy for you, but sad too in that 1) You will be greatly missed and 2) Your retirement is a reminder to me that I am getting old!

    I enjoyed all the studies and publications we worked on together and all the good laughs we shared. Thank you for helping me with my education and being such a great inspiration in the field of cardiac pacing and defibrillation.

    Let me know if you ever make it up to the Twin Cities. We will go out for some Hawaiian pizza and beers!

    God Bless,

    Mark Mayotte

  20. Mark,

    Congratulations on your retirement!

    Your vision, teaching, and dedication made a huge impact in the field of cardiac rhythm management and preparing highly skilled individuals to excel in providing optimal patient care.

    I’m so thankful and fortunate that you accepted me into ATI and for all that you and the crew taught me. Thank you for the training and care that you gave to all of us. You had a way of teaching that was enjoyable, especially with all of the jokes, “you know”. If it wasn’t for ATI, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today. Some of my best memories are from my time at ATI. Thank you!!

    I wish you the best and hope to stay in touch.

    Mitch Birnbaum

  21. Mark was such a entertaining and passionate instructor. His vast experience and expertise made his lectures fun and filled with information. I attended a 2 week jumpstart course, and even in just those 2 weeks, it seemed like Mark knew our class for months. Congratulations on a superb career. Cheers!

    Gregory Coleman

  22. Mark,

    I’ll forever be thankful for you taking a chance on me and completely changing my life for the better. Enjoy your well deserved retirement!!

  23. Mark,

    Congratulations on your retirement! I will forever be thankful to ATI for the rewarding career and life I have now. You had a way of teaching that was always fun and full of jokes. At the end of my time at ATI you brought me in your office and told me how much I had grown since I started the program and I have to say that is all because of you and the great staff you have brought on. It’s because of you and the ATI program that you built that I have grown into the person I am today and I will be forever grateful. You deserve to have a great retirement and to spend many, many days on the beach!

    Lots of love,
    Sarah Green

  24. Mark,

    Congratulations on finally taking it easy! Thank you for putting in countless hours taking care of your students and always being available whenever we needed help. Your dedication to ATI was admirable. Now that you will have more free time you better keep up those bad jokes! Wishing you all the best in your next adventure!

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