Medical Device Careers

3 Most Common Job Placements

If you find a Medical Device Career fascinating then you will want to take a closer look at ATI to start your career.

ATI offers the opportunity to get into the Medical Device Career space with a great understanding of Pacemakers and ICDs as well as Electrophysiology and Ablations.

Those in a Medical Device Career have the opportunity to serve as a primary resource for clinical and sales support. They will also educate customers on products by giving presentations and demonstrating product use. They will perform clinical research and participate in case reviews and clinical observation by working with physicians and hospital lab staff. They will also attend and participate in cardiac device implants in labs and operating rooms.

A career in Medical Devices will allow you the opportunity to develop relationships with hospital personnel and physicians to collaboratively work together to offer the best care for the patients.

What is ATI Looking for?

ATI is looking for bright people who:
*Have good communication skills
*Work well on a team
*Are willing to work hard
*Most importantly, are passionate about the profession and desire to make a positive impact on patients’ lives


3 Most Common Job Placements


1. Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Technical Sales Support Representative: Each manufacturer (Biosense Webster, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific, Biotronik, Sorin) has its own title for this position: clinical specialist (CS), field clinical rep (FCR), technical sales support (TSS), etc. The job entails a bit of everything in support of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED): implants, device follow-up and troubleshooting, patient care, staff training and education, being part of a team and doing whatever it takes to support the manufacturer's products in the field. There is a need to be extremely flexible as the schedule can change from moment to moment.


2. Electrophysiology Technical Sales Support Representative: This position involves working for an electrophysiology company in the field, i.e., Biosense Webster, supporting cases that involve cardiac mapping and ablation. This position tends to be more scheduled and predictable than the CRM role. A lot of growth is occurring in this field, due in part to the advances in the occurrence and treatment of atrial fibrillation. Estimates are that as much as 25% of the population will experience this arrhythmia.


3. Device Clinician Position: This career path entails checking and managing patients who have CIED’s. These devices include: pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices and implantable loop recorders. This position is usually a Monday-Friday office job located in a cardiology or electrophysiology group’s office or a hospital.

Job Placement Success

ATI’s job placement rate has been 100% for over 30 years. ATI has relationships with many cardiac device/EP companies that we host on-campus for opportunities to discuss their companies and career opportunities with the students. They are also provided opportunities to interface with our students in a group or one-on-one venue; taking advantage of our multiple interviewing rooms. ATI does not charge a placement fee and does everything we can to help facilitate the hiring process for both student and potential employer. Students are best served if they have some geographic flexibility. Students attend ATI from and are placed in jobs all over the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. A number of students have also taken positions Internationally. ATI has trained over 500 people in the Cardiac Specialist Course and thousands in short custom courses and review courses for the IBHRE certification exam.